According to Airbnb’s “# 1 Most Hospitable Host” list released this month, the Crawfords are putting together the most welcoming vacation the Lone Star State has to offer. It came as a surprise to the Crawfords, who have led Airbnb since October 2014.

“I knew we were doing fine, but I never would have dreamed,” Jayne said. “I never imagined we would be number one, so it was a nice surprise.”

Jayne and Jay Crawford have been renting on Airbnb for six years. (Jayne Crawford)

Although there are no chickens to see, the rental is in the couple’s yard. Before they ever imagined entering the hotel business, Jay, who owned an insurance business, used it as an office before retiring. Jayne, a retired elementary school teacher, came up with the idea to rethink the space while on a trip to the beach with friends.

A travel lover herself, Jayne said she and her husband had turned the space into a rental she would be happy to stay away from home in. Growing up in a family of neat monsters, Jayne takes pride in her orderly nature.

“My husband will tell you that I am very special, especially there, because when I travel I don’t like surprises,” Jayne said. “That’s how I grew up, you clean things up and leave them prettier than you found them.”

To be named “the most hospitable” in Texas, the couple had to meet certain criteria: obtain 100 five-star ratings for cleanliness, check-in and communication; earn at least 100 reviews and get the highest number of reviews in Texas.

The chicken-themed stay has over 360 reviews, which is among the highest in the country and maintains a perfect five-star rating in five of the six categories, with the remaining rating being four point nine.

The house is only 160 square feet, but the garden gives you plenty of room to roost. (Airbnb)

So what makes this Airbnb so comfortable?

Jayne says it’s the little things like the spare toothbrushes, the contact solution, the chocolates on the pillows, the snacks on the deck and that famous Southern hospitality that keeps people coming back. Before COVID, Jayne said she left homemade brownies for guests.

“I’ve kind of discovered over the years that the more you give people, the more grateful they are and the better they treat you,” Jayne said. “We’re trying to think of just about anything that you would ever forget or that I forgot on a trip.”

The small farmhouse-style property will let you experience the Austin lifestyle with the ability to walk the neighborhood and proximity to downtown for around $ 70 per night. Jayne said they have tenants who come and stay year after year like clockwork, so if you want to stay it would be best to book a few months in advance.

The couple ask everyone who remains to sign their mural before leaving. (Airbnb)

The garden is the pride and joy of Jayne Crawford. (Airbnb)

Along with the money they get from listing their expanded home, which covers Austin’s “ridiculous” taxes, Jayne greets every group that stays and says the people who stay with her are a delight.

“I try to go out and meet everyone when they first come in just so they know who is here and if they need anything we are always available,” Jayne said. “The people who rent from us, they are phenomenal, they are just wonderful.”

Make sure, while you stay, to admire the garden personally frequented by Jayne herself and to sign the chicken mural so you can permanently commemorate your time in the capital.