The platform, owned by Sharechat, had 47.78 million monthly active users (MAU), followed by Internet Times MX TakaTak at 23.95 million, Dailyhunt’s Josh at 14 million and InMobi’s Roposo at 5, 51 million, according to MAU data from digital intelligence platform SimilarWeb, sourced from industry by Mint.

Data from platforms such as SimilarWeb often differs from official figures shared by platforms due to differences in reporting metrics and access to user data. However, industry experts see them as an accurate representation of market trends.

The data also showed that Moj had 14.34 million Daily Active Users (DAU), while MX TakaTak, Josh and Roposo had 6.27 million, 2.60 million and 1.65 million respectively.

According to Moj, MX TakaTak, and Josh, their MAUs are 120 million, 150 million, and 105 million, respectively. Roposo did not respond to a request for comment.

That said, the data also shows that a year later, the void left by India’s TikTok ban has yet to be filled. In June of last year, TikTok said it had passed 200 million users in India and had 120 million MAU. The short video platform is expected to surpass 300 million users nationwide by the end of the year.

According to Gautam Madhavan, founder of influencer marketing firm Mad Influence, the smaller influencers who once quit their day job to make money with TikTok full-time, have either started looking for a job or are already working. elsewhere.

YouTube and Instagram have carved out a place for themselves in the void TikTok has left in terms of brand marketing money, according to Shudeep Majumdar, co-founder and CEO of Zefmo, another influencer marketing firm.

“Those who made a certain amount from three branding campaigns are now doing four or five branding campaigns with reduced budgets,” said Majumdar. “We haven’t pushed any of these new platforms in the last year or so, and we haven’t received any explicit requests from any of the brands we’ve worked with (neither),” did he declare.

The short video market, like any other in social media, is known to be capital intensive. Platforms need to grow their user base to a certain level before they can seek to monetize. TikTok had also started monetizing its platform just before India banned it.

“We are launching other monetization levers such as virtual live gifts in the coming months. One of our brand collaborations with Fanta turned out to be a hugely successful campaign with creators who also benefited from it, ”said Ankush Sachdeva, CEO and co-founder of Moj.