(OBA®) – Orange Beach, AL – Golf cart registration and regulations are coming to Orange Beach this fall after being delayed by larger events such as the pandemic and Hurricane Sally.

“It’s based on Alabama state law, we’re going forward with an ordinance,” Mayor Tony Kennon said at the July 20 city council meeting. “It will be in the fall. Your golf cart will need to meet Alabama state regulations and be street legal. Please start educating yourself and we will try to put everything together so that you have access to what you need and what it is going to cost you. It’s going to be painful, but we have to do it, we have to do it.

New changes will require all trucks to be equipped with headlights, taillights, mirrors, turn signals and may even require horns and windshields. City administrator Ken Grimes said the requirement for these items has yet to be determined.

Golf carts have been raised in public debate following the regular and joint working sessions of the council. The inclusion of Orange Beach by the Blue Angels in the recent air show and the development of a new shooting range for police and public use were also discussed.

One of the common problems with golf carts is the number of children driving them and others accompanying them.

“When you call with a problem with kids on a golf cart by the time we get there, they’re gone,” Kennon said. “It is a problem.”

And, an issue that the new ordinance will address through registration.

“You have to be 16 to drive a golf cart, a licensed driver,” Kennon said. “At check-in the cart will have a number on it, so if we get a complaint and someone calls and says that cart 15 had a group of children in it, we will find out who owns cart 15 and will chat with mom. and dad. “

Any improvements to adding equipment to golf carts will need to be done before check-in and then go through city inspection.


After last year’s plans to include a flyover of Orange Beach at the annual Blue Angels show in July were scrapped when COVID-19 issues shut down the entire show, the Blues
streaked across Orange Beach

three consecutive days as the highlight of each day’s spectacle.

“Working with Ken Cooper (OBA Community Website) and a lot of different people last year Chris Litton and a lot of our efforts over many years with the Blue Angels and the Navy base have kind of paid off,” said Grimes said. “This year a lot of people got to see the jets for several days. I think it lasted up to three days during the show. They include us in their flight plan, so at the end of the show they would drop by if time allowed. I know on the last day he made it all the way to West Beach in Gulf Shores before they made the turn. “

People came in droves a little before 3pm each day and the Blues were there like clockwork.

“We are extremely grateful to the Naval Base, the Blue Angels themselves and everyone who helped coordinate the show,” said Grimes. “I think it’s huge for our market, I think it’s huge for the people on the beach to be able to see this for several days and they choose us over other places. Many thanks to them.


In January, the board passed a resolution awarding the offer for the cleanup of the shooting site to GreenCo Services for an amount not to exceed $ 48,825. Like just about everything, the rainy summer hampered the progress of the new range.

“But we’re going to have a shoot open on some days with our instructors there for the public,” Kennon said. “Obviously, it will be free for Orange Beach residents. I don’t know what we’re going to do for those outside. All law enforcement, first responders will have use of our range from anywhere or if they are visiting the military. We hope to be able to resume the last instructions on firearms. “

Kennon said he would like to see gun safety and self-defense classes in the new gymnasium and fitness center tied together. The range was once on the site of the new Orange Beach middle and high school. The new one is planned north of the Intracoastal Waterway on city-owned property on the Russian Route.

During the ordinary session, the council:

  • Approval of a unit development project for a 27-lot subdivision off Mississippi Avenue in Bear Point.
  • Passed a resolution authorizing the signing of a professional services agreement with Barter & Associates, Inc., for structural engineering and related inspection services in an amount not to exceed $ 15,000.
  • Adoption of a resolution authorizing the execution of a professional services agreement for $ 6,600 with Jacob Morris for the direction of the performance of the fall 2021 dinner show for the Expect Excellence program.
  • Passed a resolution authorizing the execution of a performance contract with Brandy Reeves for tennis instructional services for the Expect Excellence program.
  • Passed a resolution authorizing the purchase of sole source equipment for the Bear Point Lift Station upgrade from Jim House & Associates for the Utilities Department in the amount of $ 34,728.
  • Passed a resolution authorizing the purchase of a vacuum pump truck for the utility department through Sourcewell in the amount of $ 417,617.
  • Adoption of a resolution authorizing the purchase of a vehicle for the police department of the state bid in the amount of $ 38,372 for a four-wheel drive Chevrolet Tahoe SUV.

  • Passed a resolution authorizing the execution of Change Order # 1 with Metal Shark, for the Police Boat in an amount not to exceed $ 5,248.
  • Resolution passed authorizing the execution of a professional services agreement with Mary Courtney for advisory services to Orange Beach schools.

During the working session, the council discussed:

  • A resolution authorizing a franchise for Hoyer Rentals LLC to remove and dispose of commercial solid waste and to remove and transport construction and demolition debris.
  • A resolution appointing Michael D. Davis, PE, and reappointing Jeff Silvers to the Construction Adjustment and Appeal Board.

  • A resolution adopting a transport plan for the city of Orange Beach for fiscal year 2022.
  • Setting of a public hearing date for an ordinance on a unit development project for the Romar Beach Hotel in the former Romar Baptist Church building. The suggested date was August 17th.