“When we first opened during lockdown our energy bill was around £1,500 a month which seems like a lot but is completely normal for a bakery of our size. For about six months now our energy bill has increased by over 300pc to £5500 a month. This increase is simply unmanageable for us.

“Not only that, but our suppliers also face the same costs and raise their prices accordingly. And our customers face hikes at home and try to save rather than spend in our store. So we are in a hurry on both sides.

“I know of many bakeries across the UK that are being forced to drastically reduce their supply, lay off staff, compromise on quality or simply close completely.

“Today’s announcement was quite disappointing and vague. Firstly, this energy crisis has been going on for six months and many of us have run up very large unpaid debts with energy suppliers since then. What’s going on? we do about it?

“Second, Ms. Truss says she will only support us for six months. After that, what are we supposed to do? What possible solution will there be to this problem in six months that we can enforce ?

“Thirdly, it has not specified the amount of support it will provide to businesses. We need to know some tangible things.