The Internet of Things revolution has brought changes to many different sectors of the economy, but one in particular is facing challenges it has never seen before: manufacturing. A traditionally conservative industry, with a long life cycle for changes that could jeopardize production lines and be very capital intensive, many manufacturing companies are now forced to cope with the massive pressure of digital transformation imposed by the IoT and Industry 4.0, that’s why we’re exploring the benefits of using MQTT.

There are two vital areas within organizations that are likely to be greatly impacted by the rise of Industry 4.0: operational technology (OT: systems that operate in environments such as in a factory or in an oil/gas pipeline and its supporting systems) and information technology (computing: the systems that organize and deliver data, such as data management systems and networks). Ironically, these areas had limited synergy in most cases.

However, IT/OT convergence is changing the landscape. Advances in IIoT and edge computing are playing a key role in bridging the gap between IT and OT. In this new paradigm, in which everything can be connected, the promise of sensors that collect large amounts of data opens the way to better efficiency, better performance and, ultimately, higher profits across a wide range. of industries.

Many industrial automation systems are being redesigned to accommodate new digital transformation paradigms, including the need to consider what Industry 4.0 means for such environments.

Automation protocols created decades ago, like OPC UA/DA, and traditional Historian databases must now coexist with de facto standards, like MQTT – a lightweight and increasingly popular interface that extends usability of your data far beyond the confines of your factory, including having the Cloud as your endpoint.

This panel will discuss some of the technologies that have helped these industries accelerate these implementations, more specifically focusing on the benefits of MQTT and how this popular communication protocol has opened up wide options for the industry to quickly – and without having to resort to “rip and replace” – adapting to new challenges.

Join us for our live webinar on October 6 at 11 a.m. ET to learn more about the benefits of MQTT and the challenges of digital transformation in manufacturing.