Count Brian Baldinger as a believer in what the Jacksonville Jaguars and Urban Meyer are building.

The NFL Network analyst and former offensive lineman visits training camps throughout August and looks into the season ahead. And while it’s hard for a team not to impress in some ways early in camp, Baldinger saw the Jaguars enough on his trip to Jacksonville to make an accurate prediction.

“I was around Urban Meyer all day Saturday. They are going to change things,” Baldinger told Ric Serritella. The NFL Draft Bible in the weekly program “The State of Football”.

“They’re not yet ready to compete with Indianapolis. But there’s just – just watching him coach wide receivers, keeping an eye on the offensive line. I mean working with special teams, there’s not a part of a football team that Urban Meyer doesn’t have his fingerprints on. ”

Baldinger’s assessment of Meyer’s active participation in practice is correct. Even though the pads have been popping up in recent days, the first-year NFL coach has been at the heart of the drills, actively switching between units to take a look at his squad, culminating in what he said. determines itself. winners and losers drills between groups of offensive and defensive positions.

The most notable example of the rookie coach’s involvement was when Meyer, a former wide catcher coach, worked pre-practice with fourth-year wide receiver DJ Chark one-on-one. Overall, he was more involved than the former Jaguars coaches.

Of course, that alone doesn’t translate into wins or losses. More important than how much Meyer focuses on every aspect of what the Jaguars put on the pitch is exactly who the Jaguars put on the pitch. That includes overall top pick Trevor Lawrence, who Baldinger says will serve as a catalyst for rebuilding Jacksonville.

“And then you add the quarterback and what I think will be a pretty good offensive line and a pretty talented receiving body,” Baldinger said on ‘The state of football‘.

“Watch out that Laviska Shenault this year blows up. I mean, I don’t think it’s going to take long for Jacksonville.… I don’t think it’s going to take long.”

There will certainly be adjustment times, however. Meyer has already had to navigate his very first free agency program, NFL Draft and NFL-level offseason. He’s now going through his first training camp and what it means to prepare an NFL team for Week 1.

Unlike at the college level, Meyer will have a few preseason games to sort out his roster. And unlike at the college level, Meyer will have to reduce its workforce considerably, possibly dropping from 90 players to 53 on the active workforce.

“I’m not ashamed to say I’m learning a lot from this from my veteran coaches about how to handle the first scrum because we have three preseason games. I guess there were four and so I’m learning along the way, ”Meyer said after Wednesday’s practice.

But in the end, Meyer will always be the voice of the Jaguars and the one who will forge their way into the future. The key pieces are on the list, but it will be Meyer who will be pushing the buttons and giving the marching orders for the foreseeable future.

“Either you buy what this guy sells or you’ll just be gone. I mean, it doesn’t matter where you’re from, what round you’re drafted from. He’s going to bring his guys into this. building, ”Baldinger said.

“He has a vision, like he’s come back from Bowling Green all along. He has a vision of how to build a football team. I had – if they were, you know, if they were. a stock, I’m betting heavily on the Jacksonville Jaguars over the next two years. “

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